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The Masters Fitness Collective Championship is an annual competition held over 4 days. The competition is programmed by CJ Martin. 

2020 Final Scores




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As the workouts are released you can find them below.

*Subject to change 

Event 1

“Muddy Waters”

            3 rounds for time

            20 KB snatch

            100m swim

                        10 minute time cap

Event 2

“One, Two Snatcharoo.  Three, Four Run For More.”

4 minutes to build to a 1 rm snatch

            1 minute rest

            1 mile time trial

With remainder of time, build to a second 1 rm snatch

                        17 minute time cap

Event 3

“Speed Kills”

            Ground to overhead speed ladder

5-4-3-2-1 ground to overhead with ascending weights

                        7 minute time cap

35-39 Males – (235, 255, 275, 290, 305 lbs) Ho

35-39 Females – (155, 170, 180, 190, 200 lbs)

40-44 Males – (215, 235, 250, 265, 280 lbs)

40-44 Females – (150, 165, 175, 185, 195 lbs)

45-49 Males – (205 lbs; 220 lbs; 235 lbs; 250 lbs; 265 lbs)

45-49 Females – (135 lbs; 145 lbs; 155 lbs; 165 lbs; 175 lbs)

50-54 Males – (185 lbs; 195 lbs; 210 lbs; 225 lbs; 235 lbs)

50-54 Females – (115  lbs; 125 lbs; 135 lbs; 145 lbs; 155 lbs)

55-59 Males – (165 lbs; 180 lbs; 190 lbs; 200 lbs; 215 lbs)

55-59 Females – (110 lbs; 120 lbs; 130 lbs; 135 lbs; 140 lbs)

60-64 Males – (155 lbs;  165 lbs; 175 lbs; 185 lbs;  195 lbs)

60-64 Females – (95 lbs; 100 lbs; 105 lbs; 110 lbs; 115 lbs)

65+ Males – (145 lbs; 155 lbs;  165 lbs; 175 lbs; 185 lbs)

65+ Females – (90 lbs; 95 lbs; 100 lbs; 105 lbs; 110 lbs)

Event 4

“Chop it Down”

            50 cal row

            50 single arm DB push press

            50 wall ball shots

50 toes to bar

50 wall ball shots

50 single DB box step over

50 cal row

22 minute time cap

Event 5


            50/40 cal ski erg

            150 Drag Rope double unders

            100’ Handstand walk

                        8 minute time cap

Event 6

“He Who Hesitates”

            25 deadlifts (315/215)

            50 burpee box jump-overs (24/20)

                        10 minute time cap

Event 7

“Is There an ECHO? ECHo? Echo?”

            4 rounds for time

            25 cal echo bike

            10 bar muscle-ups

                        10 minute time cap

Event 8

“The Wrath of Fran”

            5 rounds for time

            15 thrusters

            15 chest to bar pullups

                        8 minute time cap

Event 9

To Be Announced!

2020 Final Scores

MFC shirts will be added to the website soon. If you’re interested in a tie-dye shirt, DM us. Lots of colors available. We have woman’s crops tops and regular shirts, and men’s regular shirts as well.
Shirts are made by Bella @thebpfamily6

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Good Luck to all the Age Group Athletes taking on the @crossfitgames qualifiers! Make sure you tag MFC on your post!
#crossfit #masterscrossfit #crossfitgames

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Sign ups for the qualifier are LIVE on @competitioncorner !!

We’ve teamed up with the @thepitfitnessranch to host a joint online qualifier will happen June 10-19, with all of the workouts being released at once, allowing competitors to strategize and complete them in any order.

We are hosting the live competition at the War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne with 110,000 sqft of competition space.

Sign up at the link in our bio!
#crossfit #masterscompetition #mastersacrosstheglobe #fortwayne #centeroftheuniverse #allencountywarmemorialcoliseum @crossfit @crossfitgames @loudlivesports @filthy150 @southfitchallenge @britishmasterschampionships @thegranitegames @thewestcoastclassic

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MFC reunion this morning in Tampa.

Teams of 3 split however you want

50 clean and jerks 155
40 burpee box Get Overs
30 GHD each
30 ring muscle ups
10 peg board accents

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Here are the e cut lines for those who will move into the qualifiers after the Open.
There are118,093 masters signed up for the 2021 @crossfitgames Open.
Well done Masters! Now, let’s get after the next 2 weeks!
#mastersacrosstheglobe #mastersfitnesscollective #crossfit
Thanks to @morningchalkup for getting the data together!
@crossfit @crossfitgames @thedavecastro @rozaeric

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We will be honoring the life of Jeff Giosi in support of his community @cf_morgantown and athletes around the globe.
Anyone that knew or every had contact with Jeff knew that he lived life with intensity in everything he did.
Sign up through competition corner is in our bio.
The workout is:

10 Deadlifts (315/205)
10 Bar Muscle-Ups
1 Power Clean (245/155)
3 Front Squats (245/155)
20 Deficit Handstand Push-Ups, 4”/2”
20 Bar Facing Burpees
1 Power Clean (245/155)
3 Front Squats (245/155)
30 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (70lb/50lb)
30 Toes-To-Bar
1 Power Clean (245/155)
3 Front Squats (245/155)
20 Deficit Handstand Push-Ups, 4”/2”
20 Bar Facing Burpees
1 Power Clean (245/155)
3 Front Squats (245/155)
10 Deadlifts (315/205)
10 Bar Muscle-Ups

Scaling options available on the website for everyone.
Please, join us in honoring Jeff’s memory and helping to create a solid foundation for Arlen and Mackie.
#jeff #memorialwod #strengthandhonor
@sarah_giosi @wvgreen1682 @cf_morgantown @crossfit

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We are on a mission to reach as many Masters Athletes across the globe as possible to share and highlight the the events, information, highlights, and news of masters athletes- including our new 30-34 division.

In the spirit of that goal, we have partnered up with some of our sponsors to put together two pretty amazing prize packages in our race to 10k followers.
In order to be put in the random drawing, you have to tag 3 friends to follow us and use the hashtags #mastersacrosstheglobe and #mastersfitnesscollective .
That’s it!
#mastersacrosstheglobe #mastersathletes #crossfitmasters #crossfit #community

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🔥🔥QUALIFYING FOR THE 2021 MFC CrossFit Campionship🔥🔥

There are a few ways to qualify to compete in Fort Wayne over Labor Day weekend-
1) The top 10 athletes from each division after the AGOQ will be invited directly to compete. From there, we will back fill through the AGOQ qualifiers.
2) We will be hosting an online qualifier in late June/ early July to fill some of the remaining spots to join us in Fort Wayne. Your placing in the Open is not considered in scoring here.
3) We will be announcing some partnerships with LIVE events, where the winners will receive a direct invite to compete.

Regardless of which way you choose to qualify- you MUST sign up for the CrossFit Open.
Check the link in our bio, and get signed up!
@crossfit @loudlivesports
#mfccrossfitchampionship #masters #crossfit

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30-34 Division. We are excited to announce a 30-34 division at this years Masters Fitness Collective CrossFit Championship in Ft Wayne, Indiana on Labor Day weekend ...

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Since we started the Masters Fitness Collective, our mission has been to bring together and celebrate all aspects of the Masters Community through fitness, fun, competition, and community.
The feedback we received from the 2020 MFCC was incredibly positive. This year, it’s going to be bigger and better!

In an effort to keep moving the needle, we are proud and humbled to announce that the 2021 Masters Fitness Collective Championship will be the Masters Fitness Collective CROSSFIT Championship, as one of the first officially licensed CrossFit masters competitions.
Details will be released soon, but plan on being in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Labor Day weekend 2021.

To be eligible to qualify for the competition, the first step is to get signed up for the CrossFit Open. Link in bio.

#crossfit #mastersfitnesscollective #mfc3 #mastersfitnesscollectivecrossfitchampionship #masters #fitness #compete
@crossfit @crossfitgames

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Only 3 days left in the apparel order window!! Jump into Spring with our limited edition logo! #masters #mastersfitnesscollective #crossfit #apparel ...

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Better late than never!
HQ has released the equipment list for the 2021 Age Group Online Qualifier.
Most notably, athletes will need access to a GHD.
The MFCC will be back in 2021!
In order to be eligible for competition,athletes will need to sign up for the CrossFit Open and have an athlete number through the competition platform.
Head to the link in our bio to sign up!
Keep your eyes out for an exciting upcoming announcement!
#masters #mfc #mastersfitnesscollective #intheopen #crossfit #mfc3

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🔥🔥 Don't forget to get your orders placed for some MFC gear with the limited edition logo🔥🔥

Store will be open until Feb 21st, when items will be printed and shipped directly from the printer.

Link in our bio.

#gear #fitness #masters #crossfit #mastersfitnesscollective #community

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Co-Founder @thsqb19 and Head Judge @jackedbyjacobs are shaking off the competition rust today.
They went 1 and 2 in event number 1.

If you’re at the @thoroughbredthrowdown and you’re a masters athlete, make sure you say hi to these two and asked about upcoming MFC events!

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Are you in Austin fit @thefittestexperience ?
We’ve got some gear for sale.

Look for @27healthandwellness and he will hook you up.
Thanks to our model @aaronbeely for making our shirts look good.
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It is with an incredibly heavy heart that we announce the passing of Jeff Giosi.
Jeff was not only a fierce competitor; he was the father of two boys, a loving husband to Sarah, an affiliate owner, and an incredible human being all around.
Jeff lived his life with intensity and servant leadership, constantly giving of himself to benefit his community.
Jeff will be greatly missed.
If you have the ability to, please consider donating to the Go Fund Me that has been set up and is posted our LinkTree.

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@rpmtrainingco #10kchallenge Double under workout for Jan 12!
Post loads to comments.
Sign up and get to jumping!

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#Repost @the_athlete_exchange with @make_repost
Day 5 of the 10k @rpmtrainingco challenge. 10k double unders in 30 days supporting @stevesclub who brings fitness, mentorship, and a brighter future to at risk youth.

8 2:00 Rounds With 2:00 Rest
15/12 Calorie Row
10 Burpees Over Rower
*Max Air Squats to a med-ball in the remaining time.
*Complete 60 DU during “Rest”

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Today’s @rpmtrainingco double under workout is brought to you by @kyleruth_ttt .
Head over to @loudlivesports to sign up and join the team in support of @stevesclub #10kchallenge

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